1. Login to Classroll and click on PA-ACTS.
2. Select Reading or Math. Check Grade Level so you can see the current student grade.
3. Select a class. You may combine classes by checking them.
4. Select Anchor - Answer.
5. The data appears in both a graph and a chart form.
6. The first 4 bars represents last year's 4Sight exams. Check your students' progress last year!
7. The next blue bar represents the PSSA score on that anchor for any grade that took the exam.
8. The next hot pink bar represents the baseline 4Sight exam taken in September.
9. Click on a student's name to see their individual results on the graph.
10. If there is too much data in the chart, you may hide individual tests.
11. You may also hide individual anchors.
12. You may sort the data into ascending or descending order
by clicking on a column heading.
13. Scroll to the far right of the chart and click on a student name. This brings up a PDF file that shows all test scores for the student
while enrolled at Blackhawk. This chart can be printed.
14. The total 4Sight score is also provided.

To see detailed information on PSSA:
1. Click on PSSA SS and you will see the PSSA scaled scores for 2009 and 2007. The data for 2008 was never uploaded.

Link to detailed directions for PA-ACTS:

4Sight Member Center Training - October 7, 2009

Link to detailed directions for the Member Center:

4Sight Member Center Training - September 2, 2009

1. Go to 4Sight Member Center.
2. Login using the ID and password provided to you.
3. Select Students/Student Search.
4. Type in a student's last name.
5. Click on the student name in the list.
6. Select Profile.
7. You will see their 4Sight scores from last year.
8. If you change the year to 2008-2009, you will be able to see their subject teachers from last year.