Here is a list of common questions asked by our teachers. Please add an answer!

Q: How do you convert a Powerpoint project into a flipchart?
A: Yes, it can be done but you lose resolution on images. Besides, if you have created a great Powerpoint presentation, why bother?

Q: Is there any way to use Math Type in flipcharts?
A: Yes, but you must copy the equation from Word:
1. Open a flipchart.
2. Open your Word document which contains your math symbols in the appropriate size.
3. Select the symbols and drag them into the flipchart.
4. When you release the pen, you will be able to choose: Drop Text or Drop Image.
5. Choose Drop Image (Drop Text does not seem to work in MS Word 2003).
6. You may now manipulate your symbols as an object. It is not text so you cannot edit it.

Q: How do you a embed a video into a Powerpoint project?

Q: How do you upload a file that has images in it so that the images are preserved?
A: Change the file into a pdf. Do this by:
1. Choose Print and make Adobe PDF your printer.
2. Click Print but it doesn't really print; it saves it to My Documents as a PDF file.
3. Now upload it normally.

Look at the difference:
Microsoft Word - WordWithImage.pdf