Cart Policy

Cart Locations

Laptop Cart 1
Location: Business Department Office by Room 108
Laptop Cart 2
Location: Storage-6 by Room 223
Laptop Cart 3
Location: Storage-5 by Room 220
Laptop Cart 4
Location: Storage-5 by Room 220
Laptop Cart 211
Location: Room 211
Laptop Cart 120
Location: Room 120 (This cart must be signed out through School Dude. Just request Room 120 for the periods that you need.)

Sign Out Directions

Google Docs provides you with a way to share documents with others.
You must have a Google account.

Go to
If you do not have a Google account, you must create one.
Click on Sign In and then click on Create An Account Now.
Follow directions.

Once your account is complete, do the following:
Sign in using the email address of your account.
Click on More-> Documents.
You should see all 5 cart sign out sheets.
Click on your assigned cart and you can then edit the document.
Include your name, periods used, and room number.
When done, select File->Save and then close the window.
You may then sign out.

Instructions for upgrading ActivInspire

It is very important that any computer that has the ActivInspire (Promethean Board) software installed be updated to the latest version by January 25. The process is easy, but here are directions in case you need them:
  • Launch Activ Inspire.
  • Click Help - Check for Updates.
  • The latest version is V1.3.15321 or later. Click OK to download.
  • When asked to allow download, click Run.
  • If asked "Do you want to run?", click Run.
  • Install Wizard appears. Click Next.
  • Click on "I accept" and click Next.
  • Destination Folder page appears. Click Next.
  • Click Install to begin.
  • At some point, you must close Activ Inspire which is running behind the install screen. Close it and click Retry.
  • Click Finish.
If you are unsure about doing this, send me an email and I will assist you.