Resources available to CFF teachers:

NET TREKKER is a great search engine for educational tools and lesson plans.

To get started go to enter your demographic info and the keyword maple.

The IU would like you to use the prefix bsd_ in front of your name so it will be easier for them to find teachers from different school districts.
Example: bsd_snowr

There is also a great set of tutorials on this page. Just click on the blue PA keystone.

At first, you will be registered as a "Student" and you need to change that to "Teacher".
Click on Profile in the yellow My Tools box and enter the Teacher Code: bviu27. You will now have access to My Portfolio in which you may save your searches.

After registering or looking at the tutorials, all you have to do is go to to log in...

Blackhawk Delicious Bookmarks: a list of bookmarked sites that you can search by tags

Don't forget to use our LIBRARY! There are many wonderful resources available. Go to Global->Staff->Library Media Center.