Basic Requirements

Posting Handouts

1. Find the Class Files section.
2. Click on Add File.
3. Browse to the file location and click on the file name.
4. Add a description if you want.
5. Click Add File.
6. You may also add a floder and place you rnew file in the Parent Folder.

Creating a PDF

1. It is better to post a PDF file than an Office file as all students may not have Office on their home computer.
2. To create a PDF file, you must have some kind of PDF writer installed on your computer.
3. The CFF laptops already have Adobe Writer installed on them.
4. You can download Cute PDF writer for free. Google it and download. If admin rights are required, see Jay, Mike, or Nancy.
5. To create your PDF file, open your document, select Print and change your printer to the PDF writer in the list.
6. You will asked to save it to a specific directory.
7. Nothing prints but the PDF has been created!

Creating Classes

Spice up your School Fusion page by creating classes for each of your different class periods or preps!
See Jay Blizman and he will create the classes for you.

Student Status

There are many different levels of access for viewers:
1. General user: These users can view all the school web pages but they cannot participate in the blog or submit files.
2. Student/parent login: All students at BHS may login using their network ID. They may then participate in your blog and submit files to you. You will need to approve any posts that they make. Parenst can be given logins also. See Jay Blizman to obtain logins for parents.
3. Student class members: These students are invited by you to be members of your class. They can then participate in your blog and submit files. Approval of blog posts will be very quick as they will accumulate points for good submissions.

Public or Private?

If you make your page public (default), anyone can view it.
If you make your page private, only class members may view it.
Click on Edit Configuration to change the status.

Inviting Users to be Class Members

Now you want to invite users to share your section. There are two ways to do this:
1. Under Edit Configuration/Membership, click on Invite A User. You will see a list of all students, parents and teachers who have School Fusion accounts. You can send invitations to the ones you want to be in your section. Or...

2. When students/parenst log in, they can request permission to join your section. You will be notified and can accept or deny them membership. This is probably the easiest way for the teacher!

Changing Settings

Under Edit Configuration/Settings, choose which ones you want to appear on your pages.
Turn on Homework so students may submit work online.
Turn on Quizzes so students may take online multiple choice quizzes.

All Settings which are on will appear on all pages!